Purple Loosestrife

Pretty, but doesn't know when to stop.

Following is the URL for the Plant Conservation Alliance's Alien Plant Working Group website, which includes fact sheets for many common invasive plants, including Purple Loosestrife, Garlic Mustard, and most of the other invasives that are encountered at Great Meadows.

Background information from the PCA website: "The Plant Conservation Alliance's Alien Plant Working Group provides information for the general public, land managers, researchers, and others on the serious threat and impacts of invasive alien (exotic, non-native) plants to the native flora, fauna, and natural ecosystems of the United States.

This site provides a compiled national list of invasive plants infesting natural areas throughout the U.S., background information on the problem of invasive species, illustrated fact sheets that include plant descriptions, native range, distribution and habitat in the U.S., management options, suggested alternative native plants, and other information, and selected links to relevant people and organizations."

Also, for general information, classes and other resources concerning native New England plants, the New England Wildflower Society is a great place to start. Their website: