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Tracking Resources

 Books on Tracking (alphabetically)

David Brown, Companion Guide to the Trackcards. Self-published: Life-sized, laminated drawings of tracks especially helpful for beginner.

Mark Elbroch, Mammal Tracks & Sign: A Guide to North American Species. Stackpole books. Comprehensive, large, and authoritative reference; great photos.

Jim Halfpenny and Jim Bruchac, Scats and Tracks of the Northeast: A Field Guide to the Signs of Seventy Wildlife Species, A Falcon Guide. Pocket guide for easy reference.

Lynn Levine and Martha Mitchell, Mammal Tracks: Life-Size Tracking Guide. Laminated, life-sized drawings; focuses on how animals move; good resource for children.

James C. Lowery, The Tracker’s Field Guide. FalconGuide, The Globe Pequot Press, 2006. Emphasis on dirt tracking, “pressure releases”; useful detailed information; black and white photos.

Olaus Murie and Mark Elbroch. A Field Guide to Animal Tracks. Murie’s detailed drawings and some of Elbroch’s photos.

Paul Rezendes, Tracking & the Art of Seeing: How to Read Animal Tracks and Sign. Firefly Books, 2nd edition. Well illustrated, each chapter is on different animal. This is the book I continue to use the most.

Sheldon, Hartson and Elbroch, Animal Tracks of New England, Lone Pine Field Guide. Small guide for quick reference in the field; nice drawings of animals.

 Websites Offers a variety of tracking and nature classes. Lynn Rogers’s website with lots of great information about bears. Learn about wildlife habitat through New England Wild Flower Society’s many classes and field trips. Based in Vermont with many local volunteer chapters.. Classes and programs with Bob Metcalfe., Walter Muma’s website; nice track and sign photos. Classes and programs with David Brown.


Mark Elbroch, Bird Tracks & Sign, Stackpole Books. Birds leave a lot of very interesting sign!

Roland Kays and Don Wilson, Mammals of North America, Princeton Field Guides. Nice field guide with good pictures.

Northern Woodlands. Features articles about wildlife, habitat, forest resource use and conservation. Sue Morse has a Tracking Tips article in each issue.

John Whitaker and William Hamilton, Mammals of the Eastern United States. Not a field guide! Brief natural history of all the mammals. Covers the smaller animals particularly well.

 Quotes of Note

“When in doubt, track it out!” Susan Morse.

“At some point, any animal can make tracks that can look like any other animal.” Paul Rezendes.

Information provided by Lydia Rogers, 1/31/2013.


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